Are RBSE books good enough in comparison to NCERT


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With the growth of competition in the field of education, the requirement for a good and well researched curriculum has also increased. Currently, the Indian education system is experiencing constant development and enhancement, thanks to the newly introduced techniques and syllabus of different state boards like the Rajasthan board syllabus. The education in India is based on NCERT books that play a significant role in imparting quality education to students across the country.

NCERT is responsible for publishing research studies and books for all the government and public schools that follow CBSE curriculum. Lots of efforts have been taken for the advancement of NCERT books which is why students and both teachers are able to rely on them. Adequate steps have also been taken to ensure that comprehensive understanding of the subject has been offered in NCERT books. In addition to the books, NCERT also provides various research products which are established by subject specialists.

Benefiting Students:
NCERT Books are specifically established by professionals and extremely knowledgeable individuals to mainly benefit students and give them accurate information. Bearing in mind the requirements of students, the language of NCERT books is basic and easy to comprehend. In addition, the books are offered with precise information, which assists in general advancement of the mental capabilities and knowledge of the students. Keeping in mind the global educational scenario, NCERT Books have been created as per global requirements so that students of our nation do not fall behind when it comes to education. By offering quality research product and books, NCERT has thus taken education in India to a higher level. Similarly RBSE books also meet the level of NCERT and provide well researched study material to students for learning and educating themselves.

Benefits of studying from NCERT Text books
• There are various questions in board exams that are asked from the NCERT books. NCERT thus serves as a good base for preparing for board exams. You can expect similar questions in exams. Hence, checking out the NCERT books will provide you ideal ways to address these questions, if you get them in the test!
• You can self-assess yourself for the examinations, because the list of NCERT solutions for class 10 tells you about how questions should be answered in the exam. So, this way you can prepare for the tests, and thus feel positive about the coming exams.
• You can clear your concepts for all subjects. The answers suggested in NCERT are depicted in the most sensible and thorough way. They assist you with ways to address the questions and also helps clarify conceptual doubts too.

Thus, NCERT offers a handful of benefits to students which helps them score well in exams.
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