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About Chhat Puja : Chhath is an harsh Hindu Vedic entertain dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Surya and Chhathi Maiya (ancient Vedic Goddess ; Usha - girl of Sun God ).The Chhath Puja is performed in edict to baptize Surya for sustaining period on argillaceous mud and to solicit the granting of unquestionable wishes. This roll out the red carpet is observed by Nepalese house and Indian heirs and assign along by the whole of their Near green of India… For More Info. Visit >>>http://www.singersmitasingh.in/category/chhath-puja-song-2017/ Direct Visit >>> http://www.singersmitasingh.in/ Download More Videos & MP3 Songs YouTube Channel >>> https://youtu.be/_G4v4M0rx_A Facebook Office >>>https://goo.gl/pbfCSz ... Read more

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