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Understanding “Industrial Goods”

If you look into the dictionary for the word “industrial goods”, you will find it defined as ‘machinery, manufacturing plants, materials, and other goods or component parts for use or consumption by other industries or firms.’ Demand for industrial goods is usually based on the demand for consumer goods they help produce. Industrial goods can simply be classified into production goods and support goods. Production goods goes into making the final consumer good or product, whereas, on the other hand, support goods help in production of the goods. Classification Before we begin classifying, let us first see some general examples. To name a few, coated abrasives, power tools, machines, raw materials, industrial adhesives and precisions tools. Any set of industrial goods can be ... Read more

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Your spellings need to be spot on. If you don’t know the spellings learn the correct spelling before using it. Incorrect spelling usage is akin to embarrassing yourself. There are words in the English language that sounds same but are spelt differently such as ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. The former means to bring about something whereas the latter implies making a difference.

Also, upon reading, the audience becomes confused as to what you are trying to say. Did you mean ‘effect’ or ‘affect’ in that context? So tread wisely and be wary of making such mistakes. The solutions lies in practicing spellings with flash cards and then challenge yourself whether or not you have right meaning for that word in your mind.

Read regularly

There is no substitute for reading regularly. When you read a lot, your writing automatically improves. You will notice that you will have lots of ideas at your disposal. Not only ideas but you will also be exposed to different styles of writing. They can be narrative, persuasive and descriptive etc.
You can begin by reading books or articles online on the topics that interest you. You don’t have to be bored while learning so read what interests you or holds your attention. Try reading the text plenty of times and make sure you understand the words and expressions therein.

Improve your grammar

Ah grammar, probably the most important bit of your writing. Why so much weight is attached to grammar? It is because correct grammar improves the overall quality of our writing. The appropriate use of tenses and punctuation all are attributes of adequate grammar.

It brings clarity and fluency to your writing and the reader is more likely to grasp what you are trying to tell. To account for grammatical mistakes, make sure you proofread your content thoroughly or at least twice. This way if you were to overlook the general mistakes one time, the next time they won’t skip your eyes. Second time proofread by looking for grammatical mistakes on purpose. You’ll do well. I promise.

Introduce contractions into writing

English speakers are fond of using contractions in their routine and you can use the contractions to make the text more friendly and engaging. In other words, it’d be more conversational in nature. Nobody enjoys a piece which is stiff and formal (unless of course you are doing a formal piece). This will keep your sentences lucid

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