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Nuvega Lash It's important that you don't forget to keep your lips protected. And lip balms or lipsticks that you use need to contain UV protection. This area is very sensitive on your skin so it is essential to protect it. Only about 47% of people are currently using UV protected lip balm, which means 53% are leaving their lips exposed to those UV rays. Read More >>> http://www.wecareskincare.com/nuvega-lash/ ... Read more

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Latisse. Made by Allergan (nice people behind Botox), this eyelash growth product has FDA approval to sell a prescription-only. Collagenix contains Bitamaprost, a glaucoma medication. Check the side effects here before heading to the doctor.
Lilash stimulate eyelash growth ($ 119). This was developed by a doctor in Scotsdale. Thanks to reader espionage skills, and we now know that the ingredients for Lilash containing prostaglandin analogue. Librow (the eyebrows) is a similar formula. Mixed reactions (read our comments here from pleased and disappointed victims and allergies.
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