Upsurge of Indian films is actualized through Eros International


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Eros International has been dedicatedly working over three decades and successfully established a global platform for Indian films. The Company boasts of an extensive and growing movie library comprising of over 3,000 films, which include Hindi, Tamil, and other regional language films for home entertainment distribution. The strategy of Eros is driven by the scale and variety of content and the global exploitation of that content through variety of channels.

Kishore Lulla is the Chairman of Eros International plc and the son of the founder, Arjan Lulla. The company’s internal distribution network allows greater control, transparency and flexibility over core regions in which they distribute films.

• It offers dozens of programs, Film & TV development, production, marketing and distribution and more.

• Eros International has changed the clichéd picture of Indian film & television industry and redeveloped a brand new powerful platform where Indian cinema can dwell and beef up with new innovative ideas and remarkable efficacies.

• The acceleration initiated by Eros has been enthralling the Indian film lovers like never before. Reverend persons connected with film industry and media intelligentsia have acknowledged Eros with countless complements and wishes.

• Eros International plc is a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, legally incorporated in the Isle of Man.

• Through its production and distribution subsidiary, Eros international, it co-produces, acquires and distributes Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide.

• Eros is one of the oldest companies in the Indian film industry to focus on international markets, and has aggregated rights to over 3,000 films in its library, including recent and classic titles that span different genres, budgets and languages.

The Eros Group has co-produced and distributed some of the most recognized and successful Indian films across theatrical, television and other formats over the past 39 years.
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