Measures to prevent fouling and slagging of hot water boiler


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1.Opening a row of holes at the bottom of backwater distribution pipe to lead the backwater to the front part of the bottom of the industrial hot water boiler influenced by radiant heat,so that the slag can not be deposited here,discharging from the front of the down tube to the lower header with the circulating water.The test of two heating cycles after the transformation,did not find the fouling on the drum.

2.The sewage discharge should chang the front into the rear of the water wall header .The furnace has no down tube,water residue inside the drum can discharge only through convection tube,the arrangement of front ascending and rear descending of which make it difficult for water residue to discharge,from this aspect,the novel structure is defective. Suggestion for the improvement of fume partition wall is that changing front and rear descending into both sides ascending and middle descending by changing the flow of flue gas.The down pipe at the bottom of the drum provides a good way for all parts of slag,it is easy to discharge by falling into down tube header.

3.Changing the water on both rear sides of the pot into water distribution by drilling on water pipe,the down tube is added at the bottom of the front of the drum.Opening a row of holes injecting the bottom of the pot at the bottom of the water distribution pipe,the front of which injects water wall tube,the rear of which injects back tube plate,avoiding the water injecting the back tube plate directly.
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