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Hello all, this is Eddy and I will take your imagination to the next level. Hey, don’t think that this will be the old and boring instance where you will have to come across childish things. In fact this story will encourage and boast the actual potential to break the barriers that curb one to accomplish the goals. There are many examples that can be taken for the lives and they are present in every field. Let me tell you about my pet Sandy. A German shepherd but was more than a pet for me. You guys will surely get confused about the relation that we had. After returning from the war field I was all alone and wanted someone for the company. I wished to get a pet but did not find a true companion. One day I thought to visit my regiment to meet the other pals of mine. That day after reaching there I saw sandy was being taken to the animal arena where other animals are kept. I was sad on it as he was a war hero in many battles. I urged the commander for permitting me to take Sandy with me. They agreed and from that day our friendship took a new turn. He used to help me in a lot of things in the home and also used to accompany me during the morning walks.

We were more like a family and used to have fun all the time. This was not for long as he fell ill and due to some infections he passed away. I was badly hurt as he was the only one for me. It was hard to rise up from the trauma but somehow I managed to console myself. I stood up again for Sandy because he wanted me to be strong in all the conditions. My life changed after this incidence as I was left alone. No perfect time to eat even the exercise was stopped. My life seemed like a burden and my sleeps were lost because the dreams of Sandy snatched them. During the parties only my body used to show my presence as my mind was always dipped in the older memories.

This really created havoc and I wished to get rid from it. Sandy was gone but he would not stay calm if my conditions remain the same. I called my old fiend to stay with me and he came at once. He watched all the schedule of mine and one night he started to enquire. I said him everything and he slipped a pill in my mouth. That night was not an ordinary one as I slept peacefully. Next morning, he asked me about the magical effects of sleeping pill Lunesta but I was confused and sarcastically asked Lunesta pills what are theses. He said that generic Lunesta online medication is the one that I gave you last night for treating the problem of insomnia. After that I learnt everything and started buying Lunesta online because order Lunesta online drugs helped me a lot.
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