Why it's time to dust off your denim shirts - and the best ones to buy now


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fashion editors are not immune to “I have nothing to wear”-itis. Standing in front of my open wardrobe yesterday, nothing seemed right. A Breton-striped top? Not for a third day this week. A grey V-neck T-shirt? Too casual. A white silk blouse? Too dry-clean-only. And then I saw it: a denim shirt, the answer to my fashion ennui.

Chambray shirt, £95, Madewell at net-a-porter.com; Classic western shirt, £70, Levi ; Embroidered chambray shirt, £72, Denim and Supply, Ralph Lauren

Denim shirts are true wardrobe workhorses. These rugged, button-front pieces started out as utilitywear for men, but somewhere along the line women borrowed them and haven’t given them back yet.

That’s because denim shirts (or chambray shirts, their softer cousins) fuse usefulness with a sense of romance. Cowboy spirit, preppy Americana, Elvis... there’s something so satisfying about a garment that manages to invoke.

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