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Your Second Hand Ride On Mower Will Require Attention Come Spring

article Even though we are only halfway through winter, it is likely that spring will be on us before we realise it. This is the time when our gardens will start to bloom and grow – the trees will finally start to bud and the birds will return to their nests. This is also the time when we will finally be able to pull out our second hand ride on mowers and give the lawn a much-needed trim. Just make sure that you give your mower some proper attention before taking it for a spin, as it won’t have been used for a number of months. • Give the mower a thorough clean Even though it will have been kept inside (likely in a shed or garage) where it has been protected from the elements, it is likely that your mower has become subjected to some serious dirt and debris. Use a rag to give it a ... Read more

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