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Post your best Jordans 2015 sneaker

This Summer the Red <a title="New Jordans 2015" href="http://www.newjordans2015.org">New Jordans 2015</a> 11Lab4 will hit retailers and you can expect limited quantities to be available. If you need a pair of Jordan 11Lab4 in your life, the black and white pair is dropping at FinishLine later this month. For now we will have to wait for an official launch day for the gym red pair, but we do have a few shots of what they look like on feet.Riding the time where predominate red sneakers are in, JB dresses up the entire shoes in gym red while the uppers use patent leather which represents the Jordan 11. Every Tuesday, IG users hit up social media to post their best <a title="Jordans 2015" href="http://www.newjordans2015.org">Jordans 2015</a> sneaker pics in hi... Read more

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