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Commercial cleaning programs use a variety of cleaning tools and machines. And, carpet cleaning is no different. To get the job done professionals uses some commercial carpets cleaning machines. In the following posts let’s learn about some of the most commonly used tools for carpet cleaning nowadays.

1. Portable Extraction Machines

Current portable extractors are more powerful and efficient than their predecessors. They are not just for small tasks. They can easily be moved from floor to floor and room to room. Now they are the go to machines for several different situations. They are ideal for usage in small areas or spaces that are challenging to reach with old-style machines. Moreover, portable extraction machines for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dundee are essentials in buildings that are over eight stories tall. The reason is most truck mounted extraction machines lose pressure once they reach a certain height.

2. Bonnet Machines

Bonnet carpet cleaning is deliberated as an integral part of many interim maintenance programs. It is often used in carpet cleaning to maintain the clean appearance of the carpet between deep cleaning sessions by professionals. While bonnet cleaning does not deliver the result similar to deep cleaning, it does provide an excellent method to eliminate the surface dust and dirt. It is a low moisture system and can be used in wide array of carpets. It also restores the pile appearance.

Thanks to the low moisture system, it does not take long for the carpet to dry. Most cleaning professionals first spray the area before using the bonnet machine. However, one should keep in mind that the bonnet pads become soiled quickly. It typically needs to be turned over and uses on the other side.

There are also several eco-friendly bonnets available to those who are looking for ways to cut their energy bills. These machines use fewer chemicals and water than conventional carpet bonnets. The machine has high absorbent power which enables them to leave fewer chemicals on the carpet.

3. Truck Mount Extraction Machine

Hot water extraction methods are considered one of the best ways to clean most of the carpets. This is performed by a competent and powerful machine known as truck mounted carpet extractor. Their engines power these extractors. They are known for their ability and speed to remove the large quantity of water from the carpet. Technicians can work faster since truck mount may also hold the water supply.

Typically, these three are the most commonly used cleaning machines by office carpet cleaning dundee professionals. For more information on upholstery and carpet cleaning visit their website dundee-carpetcleaning.co.uk.

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