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Chinese 30 ton CFB Boiler For Sale

10 ton CFB Boiler for power supply in cotton mill:   Hyderabad Cotton Mill in India is committed to establishing itself as a leading enterprise in the textile industry with more than 6,000 spindles to manufacture world class cotton and blended yarns. With the company has grown rapidly and also established the state of the art denim manufacturing plant having a capacity of 40 million meters per annul. They decide to buy 75 ton CFB boiler for power supply in the production of cotton mill.   10 ton CFB boiler parameters:   Rated evaporation capacity: 75t/h CFB boiler   Rated steam temperature: 450℃   Rated steam pressure: 3.82MPa   Feed water temperature: 104-150℃   Design thermal efficiency: 93%   30 ton/h CFB Boiler supplier   ZG ... Read more

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