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Had a crazy night surrounded by alcohol? You’ve drank so much that you’ve forgotten where you’ve kept your iPhone? If yes, then you’ve surely had a wonderful night (or day). But that’s not the best part about it, the best part (or maybe the worst) that really denotes you’ve had a great time, if suffering from a hangover! If your head is pounding and stomach is swirling, then you, my friend, have a hangover.

I’m sure the club you’ve visited the previous night might serve the best alcohol or maybe one of the best places in the city, but what is brings along is an annoying headache! Even though we’ve skimmed through millions of books and asked our ancestors about hangover cures, we’ve come no way close to the answer. Although no magic or potion can save us from the effects of overindulgence, science has proven that the nutrients in certain foods can make you feel better ASAP!

I’m sure you read about the different foods that’ll help you overcome this torture, but in this article, lets list down some of the best hangover over that you can relish that hail from different parts of the world.

1. England

As its no new news that the British have a big appetite when it comes to food and a striking reputation when it comes to drinking. To make sure they overcome that, they turn towards the British special (which we all savour) – the English Breakfast. Let’s break down what exactly makes an ‘English Breakfast’. You have your beans, bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, traditional toasted bread. Phew! I’m sure that made your mouth water! Grab cheap flight tickets offered by multiple airlines to England and enjoy an authentic English breakfast.

2. France

A country famous for its cheese and deserts, France is also a professional when it comes to finding ways to get rid of a hangover. An international destination that loves food (and only food), it was unlikely they wouldn’t have a backup plan for a hangover. And the answer, my friend, is the onion soup. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The French never fool, they aren’t fooling here too. So, the next time you decide planning a trip to France and find yourself in a hangover situation, indulge in some onion soup!

3. Germany

Did you book your international air ticket to Germany and now, found yourself in a motel with a bad hangover, worry not, the Germans are here to help. Literally! If you think the idea of having onion soup is bad (hello! France), Germany’s Katerfrühstück, which includes pickled herring, gherkin and onion will probably make you queasy. But, hey! Like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Do indulge in some yummy Katerfrühstück and get back to drinking after alright (or maybe not).

4. Turkey

The plight of a hangover is very famous among the Turks, but they know how to handle it. After you’ve experienced a drunk night out when in Turkey, turn to Kokoreç: grilled sheep intestines, chopped up with tomatoes and peppers. It may a bit weird but it sure does work.

5. America

A place where alcohol is cherished and loved, not having a hangover cure is not what the Americans believe. The drink to have the morning after a crazy night partying when in America is a type of cocktail. It consists of eggs, tea, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and Tabasco sauce. This cure has proved to be one that it most beneficial to most Americans and helps make drinking great again. So, if you find yourself in America or are planning on booking international cheap flight tickets to this destination, you sure don’t have to worry about a hangover!
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