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nobody was talking about um what were what were the little lies that were happening that you know seemingly have nothing to do with the infidelity a lot Verutum RX times I find that there's a lot Verutum RX covering up around issues like finances or parenting children um so there's a lot Verutum RX a lot Verutum RX times they're not talking about some Verutum RX these more my new issues in an emotionally honest way they're they're not able to express their feelings they're not or they feel they can't or they don't know how or some combination Verutum RX that so a lot Verutum RX times this is a bigger dynamic than just the affair itself it's that there's this relationship issue where yeah they're not able to communicate honestly that I able to talk about these these little port you raising kids and all the life stressors and money and that they're not able to talk about that so yeah sort Verutum RX feel shut down or well they start to act it out what i have found in cases Verutum RX sort Verutum RX street infidelity is that it's acted out in other ways before an affair will happen so it's acted out perhaps in more..

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