What is Group Insurance and Can I Find It Online?


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Group insurance is a plan of health, life, auto, or homeowners insurance that covers a group of people rather than an individual. Group insurance policies are generally more affordable than individual insurance policies because policyholders don't normally pay the full premium. They're usually only responsible for co-payment.
The easiest way to get group insurance is through your employer. Most employers offer their employees a group health insurance package, and some offer life, auto, and homeowners insurance coverage, too. In the event you must pay some of the group insurance premium, an employer will normally deduct the amount from payroll. Most employer-sponsored group insurance benefits are available to a policyholder's family members, too.
You can also obtain group insurance through any clubs, organizations, or associations with which you're affiliated. These include sororities and fraternities, college alumni associations, and senior citizen organizations. Some credit companies even offer group insurance as benefits for their cardholders.
It's pretty easy for employers or other organizations to find group insurance online. Actually, they can find group insurance online in basically the same way individuals search for insurance only. Simple visit a search engine, query "employer group insurance" or "group insurance for a small business," and browse the results. Employers can choose from many group insurance options. For example, group health insurance can be managed care, cafeteria plans, or health savings accounts.
The application for employers seeking Group Insurance is a bit different than the application for individuals seeking insurance. Employers will be required to enter thorough contact information for the business, as well as the type of business, number of employees, and desired deductible and co-pay.
Generally, after the application has been submitted, the information is compiled and a few live insurance agents from a network of agents will contact the employer. These agents have deals for the employer based on the business and employee information submitted. The employer simply chooses the best group insurance policy.
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