Medical insurance plans for the women of your life


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With great pomp & show we celebrate the international women’s day & mother’s day but most of us fail to take care of the most important person of the family who takes care of each one in the family and keeps on spreading happiness but sacrifices her wishes and neglects her health. Though she bears a strong soul and will power, but her health needs special care owing to various diseases that may easily catch her. Single or married woman, stay-at-home mother or a working one, all of them needs an adequate medical insurance cover. It helps them to safeguard their health, save money & create a shield of financial protection against medical contingencies.
Though the women are breaking the age old clutches and are proving themselves to be a equal breadwinner for their family as the male counter-part and are financially independent to take their decisions but they neglect themselves in the traditional way. So either they remain under insured or not insured at all. Women need more medical intervention compared to the male because they have to give birth to the next generation and needs utmost care.
Health insurers offer various Medical Insurance Plans keeping in mind the women health complexities. These insurance policies cover contingencies arising from:
• Women specific cancers of- breast, cervical, ovarian, etc.
• Maternity expenses before and after child-birth.
• Personal accidents
• Hospitalization and post hospitalization charges for some critical illness
• Livelihood support in case of accidental death or permanent disability of the insured women.
Health is wealth, so it is meaningless to neglect it and run from pillar to post in order to arrange funds during medical exigencies when you need the presence & support of the family the most. Medical Insurance Plans for women can give you that financial support to your family for whom you cared so much when you are fighting with the disease. Before buying the health insurance plan keep some basic things in mind like:
• With adequate coverage avoid financial crisis during medical emergencies. Basic health insurance covers can be cheap and cover basic minor diseases which would not cover the major diseases. Don’t compromise with your health & take adequate cover.
• Buy a personal health cover along with the company health insurance cover.
• Skyrocketing medical expenses may wipe your savings so a properly crafted health insurance cover can help you to manage your financial sails with the soaring inflation.
• Buy the insurance plan early when you are healthy enough, this may reduce the premium costs.
• You can get a tax benefit from the health insurance policy.
• It’s good to hope for the best, but it’s best to prepare for the worst in future, now.
Ladies, stop neglecting yourselves because nobody can take care of your love ones more than you. It’s only possible when you are healthy enough, since you are not a machine and have lot of stress so you need special care. Adequate medical insurance cover for you can make everything fall into place to strengthen your family members to face the medical expenses independently. Choose a good & reliable player from the numerous available companies.
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