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Poker is a part of card games family. It includes skill, strategy, and luck. online poker is a game of betting, where the objective is to have the best hand in a showdown or to win by having everyone else fold. In a High/Low Poker game, the player with the highest-ranking hand splits the pot with the player with the lowest-ranking hand.

Poker is a game of five card hands dealt from a 52 card deck of standard playing cards. All poker hands consist of exactly five cards. Most games, like seven card stud, for example, give the players more than five cards to select from, but the final winning result goes to the one with the best five card poker hand. In the popular stud poker games, the players are all dealt one card at a time or in small groups and they bet money each time they get more cards. They bet that they will end up with the best hand. The players that don’t want to bet on their hands any longer can “fold” their hands, get out of the contest and forfeit all the bets they have made to that point. At the end, the player with the best poker hand wins all the bets. In draw poker, the players bet, then replace the cards they don’t like with new ones from the dealer and then bet again.

The best hand is determined by the online poker Hand Ranking Chart below.

Straight Flush: Five cards in sequence in the same suit are called a straight flush. If two straight flushes complete, the hand with the highest-ranking cards in the flush sequence wins. For example, a hand composed of A-K-Q-J-10 (royal flush) beats a hand composed of K-Q-J-10-9. The royal flush is the highest standard hand and beats all other hands.

Four of a Kind: Any four cards of the same rank from four of a kind. If two players have four of a kind, the hand with the four higher cards wins. Four of a kind beats a full house or any lower hand.

Full House: Three of a kind and one pair form a full house. The full house with the highest-ranking three of a kind beats another full house with a lower-ranking three of a kind. A full house beats a flush or any lower hand.

Flush: A hand of any five cards the entire same suit is called a flush. A flush with the highest-ranking cards beats another flush hand. If the highest cards from each player’s hand tie, the next highest-ranking cards determine the winner, and so on. A flush beats a straight or any lower hand.

Straight: A hand of any five cards in sequence, but not of the same suit is straight. The straight with the highest-ranking cards at the head of the sequence is the winner against another straight hand. The highest possible straight is A-KQ-J-10. The lowest possible straight is 5-4-3-2-A. A straight beat three of a kind or any lower hand.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank, such as three 8s, form three of a kind. The highest-ranking three cards win against another three of a kind hand. Three aces are the highest; three 2s are the lowest. Three of a kind beats two pairs or any lower hand.

Two Pair: Two cards of the same rank and two matching cards of any other rank form two pair. The hand with the highest-ranking pair wins against another hand of two pairs. If the highest-ranking pair ties, the hand with the second highest-ranking pair wins. If the all pairs in both hands tie, the hand with the highest-ranking fifth card wins. Two pair beats any hand with one pair, or no pair (high card).

One Pair: Any two cards of the same rank form one pair. The hand with the highest-ranking pair wins against another hand of one pair. If both hands have the same pair, the highest-ranking unmatched card in the hand determines the winner.
If the highest- ranking unmatched cards tie, the next highest-ranking unmatched cards are compared, and so on. One pair beats any hand with no pair (high card).

High Card: A hand with no matched cards is called high card. This hand is commonly referred to as a run. With two competing high card hands, the hand with the highest-ranking card wins. If the highest-ranking unmatched cards tie, the next highest-ranking unmatched cards are compared, and so on.
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