Enjoy Earl Grey Tea – A Tasty Cup Full of Health Benefits


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Interestingly, more than 1500 varieties of tea are cultivated across the globe. One such highly loved variety is earl grey tea that rules many hearts around the world. The history of tea dates back to almost 500 years ago when Chinese have first discovered it. Since then, it has traveled almost every country in the world and many of them have welcomed its aromatic taste and made it an integral part of life. Over time, tea fans keep discovering the new varieties and found earl tea that is just amazing in every aspect. Be it the taste or the healthy benefits of it.
Earl Tea Is Available in Various Forms
Usually, it was used as a loose tea but with changing times, people are even opting for tea bags. No matter if you use loose tea or tea bags, it bestows one with the same taste and fragrance. However, you should store it in an airtight container to avoid an unpleasant change in its taste. If you are using tea bags, make sure that you use fresh boiling water to get the perfect flavor out of earl tea for which it is known for.
Earl Tea is A Royal Choice
Do you know what gives earl grey tea an irresistible taste and aroma? Well, that comes from the oil of bergamot. For people who are not familiar with it, it’s a small orange kind thing and its taste stands between pear lemon and sour orange. This tea has ruled many hearts including royal ones and dominates the kitchen of rich people. Even its name came from the famous personality, Charles Grey, who served as British Prime Minister in the 19th Century. The story of Earl tea has many legends associated with it. One such story revolves the rescue of an Indian king’s son from a deadly tiger by Earl Grey’s servant.
Earl Tea Has Unmatched Aromatic Taste
Earl tea brings you an unmatched aromatic taste that’s preserved using some of the finest harvesting techniques of tea. The process of making earl tea is quite fascinating that involves blending the black tea with bergamot natural oil. Some of the best black teas are chosen for making this heavenly blend, putting at work an optimal amount of bergamot flavor to make a rich and tasty earl tea. Lavender is also used in Earl Grey to increase its aroma.


The taste and aroma of Earl Grey Tea are second to none. It is unlike traditional tea but a great blend of black and bergamot oil that gives it a unique rich taste. You have it once and you will ask for more, for sure. Putting it in your kitchen ensures that you get the most out of its aromatic taste and healthy benefits. Just make sure that you ask for farm fresh quality delivered to your doorstep from a reputed tea manufacturer for an enchanting experience.

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