Why is Medical Tourism in India So Popular?


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Medical tourism in India
has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Several factors have contributed to the country's progress in the field of medical tourism and how it has secured one of the top stops when it comes to the list of best destinations for medical tourism.

India has carved its name in the field of medical tourism by offering world class treatment facilities, state-of-the-art technology and advanced facilities at the most affordable cost. Due to additional benefits such as attractive medical treatment packages and abundant leisure tourism options, India has become a lucrative destination for people who want to undergo non-critical treatment.

Who controls medical tourism in India?

Apart from government efforts to promote medical tourism in India, there are several other factors that has contributed to a boom in this industry. One of the major factors is the establishments of several credible and registered medical tourism agencies and companies in India.

The best medical tourism companies in India offer a huge range of healthcare and medical services at an extremely affordable cost. When availed through a credible medical tourism facilitator in India, the cost of treatment in India turns out to be just a fraction of the cost at which other countries, especially the UK and the US, conduct the same treatment.

The establishment of medical tourism agencies and companies in India has led to a tremendous explosion in the number of foreign visitors wanting to seek high quality and affordable medical treatment. Such medical tourism facilitator offer attractive packages to patients that cost less than they would typically spend for just medical charges in any Western nation.

Benefits of Seeking Medical Treatment in India Through Facilitator

* Medical tourism facilitator in India are registered by the government and are credible and reliable when it comes to medical treatment.
* They have teamed up with some of the best hospitals in India for medical treatment with latest technology, skilled doctors, dedicated staff and hi-tech facilities.
* A medical tourism facilitator may help fetch the best treatment package available from the city and hospital of your choice.
* They supply you with sufficient package choices to choose from.
* Best medical tourism companies take end-to-end care of the needs of the medical tourist from their arrival till departure.

Why choose India for medical tourism over other countries?

The following are some of the reasons why a foreign patient should opt for medical tourism in India:

* High quality of services
* World-class facilities
* Extremely affordable cost of treatment
* Availability of highly experienced doctors and surgeons around the clock
* Trained and supportive paramedical staff
* Option to combine leisure with non-critical medical treatment
* Low cost of non-medical needs such as accommodation, local traveling and internet
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