How to Prepare Your House for Home Inspectors in Cook County


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If you are selling a house or buying a house and you have decided to hire a home inspector, it is important that you prepare your house for the inspection. This will prevent the inspection from taking longer than necessary. It will also make the work of the inspector and everyone concerned much easier. Here is what you need to do to prepare your home for home inspections in Cook County.


Take time to clean the house before the day of the inspection. This gives the impression that your house has been well looked after. A clean home will make a good impression on both the buyer and the inspector, so they will not have a preconceived negative emotion while examining the house.

Keep time

When organizing for home inspections in Cook County, you need to set an appointment for the activity. You need to make sure that you arrive on time for the inspection, so as not to keep the inspector waiting. Try and have the house ready for inspection at least half an hour earlier, since most inspectors will arrive before time. They will start by examining the exterior of the house first before moving into the interior.

Don't disconnect your appliances

The home inspectors in Cook County will have to try out whether the appliances work, so they will have to turn them on. If you disconnect the utilities, you will have to take time and connect them back again or the inspector might have to reschedule to come back another day, if it will take too much time to connect them back. You can avoid this by simply leaving them connected.

Clear up the space

Make it possible for home inspectors in Cook County to access various areas in the house without the inspector having to move things around. Normally, an inspector will not take the time to move things out of the way, such as heavy furniture like bookcases, cupboards or heavy boxes.

Clear up the way to areas such as the water heater, air conditioner or the furnace. Also, leave plenty of wiggle room for the inspector since they will need some space when examining these areas.

If you don't take things out of the way, the inspector will simply not examine those areas, or they might recommend that you hire another specialist to check out the particular areas that they didn't examine. This will cost you a lot more money and take much more time. To avoid this, simply clear up the house and ensure there is good access to all areas of the house.

Leave keys if you will not be around

If you will not be around on the day of the inspection, make sure to live keys for areas that need to be accessed. For instance, leave the keys or the remote control for your garage. Leave keys for any rooms that might be locked and make sure to uncover your sprinklers.

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