How to secure Facebook profile?


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You can set the security of your Facebook profile to the maximum by changing your Facebook settings.

General Account Settings

1- Use a different email account for Facebook. Using an email for Facebook that you have used for banking or other purposes that contain your crucial information, then you are inviting a severe security threat.
2- Unable two-factor authentication for your device.
3- Create a strong password for your account, which is easy to remember and hard to crack.

Select a password that has the combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.
Security settings

1- Enable login notification, that helps you to know when your account has been accessed.
2- Require login approvals and every time you login from a different account, You have to enter a code that you will receive via text on your number.
3- Set up a list of trusted contacts, which will help you to regain the access to your account, when you have trouble in accessing your account
4- Don’t allow your browser to save your login details and log out your account after each Facebook session.
5- Check where you’re logged in and it will let you know about the different locations and devices you are logged in.

These changes in your Facebook settings can help to prevent you from internet vulnerabilities and severe privacy threats. But keeping yourself aware with the ongoing and changing Facebook trends is incredible when it comes to keeping your Facebook profile secure. Having a problem in any of the given steps? Contact Facebook toll-free number USA +1-844-773-9312 to avail the help from technical experts.

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