Comparing Online Roulette and Live Roulette


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Roulette is one of the best known online and land-based casino games around. It has actually been around for over two centuries. There are a number of differences in experience when playing roulette in a conventional casino compared with playing on the new online casino or on the new mobile Casino. This article outlines some of these differences, so that you can decide which you like better.

Live play

The bustling atmosphere of a roulette table in land-based casino injects some excitement into the game: players jostling to get a good spot, calling out to the dealer and reaching across to place their bets on the layout, the dealer’s commentary which can increase the fun, the noise of the shipping machine etc. you won’t get such an environment playing mobile or online roulette.

These same reasons can also be the cause of distraction, particularly if you’ve honed in on a strategy but you aren’t very confident yet. It is easy to be distracted from your initial position through peer pressure of other players that you think know the game better than you. You may end up losing big when you could have won by sticking to your guns.

For more experienced players that know the bets to place, you may enjoy the adrenaline-packed atmosphere in a conventional casino to add excitement to a game you have mastered. You don’t need as much thinking time before placing your bet, and may revel in the fast nature of the game.

Online play

While online casino roulette can’t match the excitement of a live table, but it does carry its own joys. First, new players can feel a tad intimidated at a live table, where they are coming up against pros who are so sure of themselves and their strategies. There’s also the hassle of battling to reach over to place a bet with the dealer or on the layout, and newbies can easily fail to do much except watch others play.

The online environment is peaceful, allowing you to pick a strategy and stick with it. You can enjoy a relaxed gaming atmosphere, take notes to figure out the casino advantage and try to minimize it and take a break and come back to continue when you feel like it. If you’re playing on your smartphone or tablet, you have even greater flexibility as you can carry your online roulette game with you wherever you go. You can play on a queue, waiting in traffic, at a restaurant, at work, in bed, anywhere you like.

Betting in online roulette

If you usually want to take advantage of advanced betting options that come with roulette games, land-based games demand that players call their bets to the dealer in what is known as a call bet. There are complex bets such as French bets and neighbors’ bets which are passed to the dealer who places them on his/her racetrack. This adds the risk of miscommunication when placing your bet, particularly in active and noisy roulette table.

Experienced players can circumvent this risk by placing their bets exactly where they want since they’re well versed with the layout. However, online casino roulette makes this even easier, since you can place your bet by simply clicking with your mouse.


In the end, whether you choose online or live roulette will depend on your experience and what you hope to get from playing the game.

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