How to Write a Proper Thesis Statement for Sociology Dissertation Paper?


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A thesis statement can be written in one sentence, or it can also be written as a cluster of sentences (not more than 2-3 sentences). The reason behind writing thesis statement is introducing the main idea or topic on which thesis paper is written. It does not merely talk about the topic, but it also reflects on opinion and judgement that a student has incorporated or intends to deal with in his thesis. In this post, readers will get to know how to write a thesis statement correctly. Tips and tricks included in this post are from reliable dissertation consulting service, so these can be easily implemented while writing an important dissertation paper.

So why is it important to write a quality thesis statement?
Writing quality thesis statement becomes essential to interest readers to read the rest of a dissertation paper. Dissertation papers are lengthy so readers generally don’t carry on reading it. To interest readers to go till the end of dissertation requires food for thought. The thesis statement can serve this purpose. Thesis statement acts as a storefront of a dissertation paper. Therefore, to make it attractive, students need to consider how to write an impressive thesis statement. A nicely written thesis statement conveys something significant to readers.

Ideal thesis statement is written in one or two sentences but in the case of the lengthy topic, students can write a longer thesis statement. However, under any circumstance, it should not be more than one paragraph of 4-5 sentences. To score higher, a thesis statement should be written in a remarkable way.

Guide to write an impressive thesis statement

This thesis statement goes in the introductory paragraph. To make readers understand what the motto of taking up a particular topic is, students are advised to write the thesis statement clearly at the beginning of the paper. The thesis statement should provide a road map of how a student has drafted his paper. Followings are few tips that will provide sociology dissertation help to students.

1. Thesis statement must proceed with making a claim

Thesis statements do not merely talk about facts and should not be written in the form of a general statement. A subtle claim must be introduced in this portion so that readers get to know arguments are going to be written in the dissertation to support which claim.

2. Thesis statement should not be written as simple opinion statement

The thesis statement should not only talk about opinion statement. Only writing about fact and giving general idea regarding the topic can't be considered as a nicely curated thesis statement.

3. While writing the thesis statement, one needs to consider maintaining the characteristic of writing a thesis statement

Thesis statement should be narrow enough to be adequately supported by evidence. Covering an extensive topic can be mountainous work for students. In addition, it is nearly impossible to write about all aspect of an extensive subject, within a definite word limit. Time need to be considered while working on thesis statement.

4. Things to remember while dealing with two different types of thesis statement

a. Analytic Thesis statement: Analytical Statement delivers argument about facts.

b. Normative Thesis statement: It presents argument about values. It generally based on how important something is and it talks about arguments to prove how the topic is actually important.

5. What is the actual process of developing a thesis statement?

The foremost thing that students need to think about while writing a thesis statement is a proper topic. If the topic has multiple aspects, then students need to decide on any particular aspect on which they can frame their dissertation.

After deciding on the particular aspect, students need to frame a specific question about a topic.

Attempts of presenting evidence and writing arguments will frame the body of the dissertation. The answer that students write in order to answer the central question (thesis statement) form the 80% of a dissertation.

6. Do’s of writing a good quality dissertation paper

• Effective persuasions need to be involved in the dissertation paper. Proper analysis is a must in the dissertation body.
• Each paragraph should be based on different ideas, overlapping of ideas can affect the clarity of arguments.
• Overlapping of ideas will restrict students in writing a quality dissertation. However, the interconnection of ideas and maintaining the flow of writing is essential in order to write a quality dissertation project.
• A Clear transaction between paragraphs and chapters is crucial.
• While writing on a particular topic students also need to consider the counter-argument.

Special do's for writing sociology dissertation paper

1. While writing sociology dissertation, students need to back up every argument or evidence with related sociology theory. Without linking theories, students cannot expect to score good.

2. Concise information need to be presented, students can proceed with breaking down the assignment in different chapters.
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