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A Guide To Making Your Electric Hedge Trimmer Last A Lifetime

article The increasing focus on being environmentally friendly and saving money wherever possible has led more and more homeowners to purchase electric hedge trimmers over the traditional petrol-powered ones. These trimmers can be corded, which means that they must be plugged into a power point, or they can be cordless, which means that they are operated via batteries. If you want your machine to last as long as possible, use these instructions: Whilst the best time to use your hedge trimmer is in late autumn or early spring (when the growth season is over), it will sometimes become necessary to prune unruly shrubbery at other times of the year. This can cause the blades of your trimmer to become sappy, which can severely damage them. To prevent this, spray the blades with a lubricant... Read more

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Marine Muscle Sergeant
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