A Simple Guide to Forex Trading


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Forex education is available for those interested in learning to trade foreign currencies. An individual can learn forex trading on select forex websites and from downloadable software. Books, SetForget Pattern Profit CDs and traditional software packages are available on the subject of forex trading education.

The following is a brief and by no means complete list of sources. To see our personal recommendations, visit our website.

Forex Trading for Maximum Profit: the Best Kept Secret off Wall Street, a book and CD-Rom by Raghee Horner offers forex education for those who are just beginning to learn forex trading trend lines and the differences between major and minor trends. The book also explains the process of placing orders and tries to prepare the reader for the ups and downs of forex trading. The CD-Rom included with the book illustrates trading techniques and the author's successful trading systems. Raghee Horner is referred to as a master teacher of forex education.

The Ultimate Professional Trader Plus CD library is a product by Online Trading Academy which attempts to be the ultimate forex trading education package, with not one, but 24 CDs. This package strives to explain everything from the fundamentals of forex, to advice for those seeking to learn forex trading as a business.
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