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A Germination chamber is a large piece of equipment which is mostly used in biological laboratories. It is used for growth of seeds under a controlled environment. Germination chambers provide sufficient amount of water, air, light and humidity for the growth of seeds at a faster rate.
The main aim of testing the germination in seeds is to obtain the necessary information about the plant and what changes required to speed up its growth. Germination chambers allow researchers to compare the performance or superiority of the different seed. Farmers require the result of germination for the following purposes:

1. Sowing purposes
2 Purpose of seed certification
3. Labeling purposes.
4. Seed Act and Law prosecution purposes.

There are some factors that can affect the seed germination tests are:

Diseased seed
Old seed
Mechanically damaged seed
If seeds stored under high temperature and moisture

With the help of germination testing of seed the quality of seeds can be improved with the help of germination chamber. There are several kinds of testing are available fo seeds depending on the type of seed to be tested. The most common seeds germination test are the tetrazolium test, warm germination test, cold germination test and accelerated aging test. Each test is designed to estimate the various qualities of the seeds. Among all these testing warm germination test is a most common test because it requires seed laws to appear on the label. This test reflects the field emergence potential of a seed under supreme planting conditions.
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