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There are three techniques for performing a prostate massage treatment - external, internal, and using a prostate massage treatment device. External Prostate glandular Massage The prostate can be massaged externally by massaging the strip known as the perineum, that can be found between the root of your male organ and the anus. The prostate is situated right above the perineum. To start the procedure, be sure that your nails are clean and trimmed. Using the pads of your fingers, run through the whole length of the perineum to choose a slight depression on its surface. This depression is the area you need to massage treatment in to stimulate the prostate. Run your fingers returning and forth over this area to stimulate the prostate. This method may outcome into an climax. If you encounter any pain Alpha Monster Advanced during the massage treatment, know that you are doing it wrong, and quit instantly. Internal Prostate glandular Massage Before you start the internal prostate massage treatment, be sure that your hands are clean and your fingernails are trimmed. If necessary, execute bum before you start. Now wear a sterile latex glove and apply a water-based lubricant to your fingers. Slowly insert your hand into your anus through your anus, and move it progressively upwards for about two to three inches in the direction of the navel. You should be able to accomplish your prostate, which will experience like a soft mass of round cells. Gently stroke the glandular along its sides in a wave-like motion, and be sure to avoid the central aspect of the prostate. The central aspect contains sensitive nerves that may get damaged due to a vigorous massage treatment or due to the tip of the nails. Again, this massage treatment may lead to an climax, and if there is any pain knowledgeable, quit instantly. Using Prostate glandular Massage Devices There are several items available in the market for performing a prostate massage treatment.

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