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How to Plan an Awesome, Last-Minute Vacation on the Cheap

article Routine can be attractive and certainly has its uses, but life is no fun without a little spontaneity. If you've always wanted to visit a new place or just get the hell out of Dodge, make it happen. Here's how to make great, spontaneous travel plans on a budget. On a personal note: I'm doing this right now, which was the inspiration for writing this post. I'd always wanted to go to Seattle so I just packed up and went. One of the perks of writing for and reading Lifehacker is all the great stuff we've accumulated about traveling well on a budget, so making plans was easy. Actually going on the trip taught me a few things as well. So this post is about sharing both of those things—the practical and frugal way to have a great, last-minute vacation, and what personal ex... Read more

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