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The animal instincts of fear reaction

Further study is expected to resolve, including the fear of emotions, including the species survive and multiply the basic characteristics of neural circuits and mechanisms of mental disorders to provide new ideas. Research recently published in "Nature - Communication." The paper's co-first author Pengfei Wei et al study found that on the mound in the deep excitatory neurons respond to visual stimuli will specifically threatening predators, fast relay path through the Mouse PTX3 ELISA Kit http://www.cusabio.com/ELISA-Kit/Mouse-Pentraxin-related-protein-PTX3PTX3-ELISA-kit-99139.html sends the signal to the lateral amygdala and sustained activation of the amygdala neuronal activity. Specifically genetic techniques using light "closed" or "open" function of this pathway, the research... Read more

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