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This type is caused as a SleepTight Mouthpiece result of failure of the brain to send signals to the breathing muscles. Resultantly, the muscles relax, thus constricting the airway and preventing the smooth flow of oxygen to the lungs. The individual suddenly wakes up, experiencing shortness of breath. In central cases, once awakened, the individual finds it difficult to get back to sleep. Unlike obstructive sleep apnea patients, who hardly remember sleep interruptions, central sleep apnea patients are more likely to remember them. Supplemental oxygen is usually seen as a sleep apnea alternative treatment. Nasal CPAP is also preferred for such cases. The patient is also advised not to take sedatives or sleeping pills.

For those with a mild case of sleep apnea, treatment may be as simple as changing your lifestyle, and changing the position that you sleep. Instead of sleeping on your back, try to sleep on your side since it'll prevent your tongue and palate from falling backwards into the throat and blocking your airways. A doctor might also tell you to stay away from alcohol, sleeping pills, pain medication, or anything that will relax your throat muscles, and contribute to the collapse of the airway at night, also try gargling with salt water before bed so your tonsils will shrink and make it harder to be blocked.
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