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BOD Incubator is widely used in microbiological laboratories and health care centers to maintaining the level of humidity and temperature inside the laboratories. It controls the certain factor of the atmosphere like oxygen and carbon dioxide content. BOD Incubator is also known as low-temperature incubators and it comes in various shapes and sizes. There are many bod incubator manufacturers in India, which are designing latest version of bod incubator. Mainly its capacity lies from 36 liters to 1000 liters. But now manufacturers increase its capacity and attached some new features in it such as digital temperature controller, even air distribution, overload protection system etc. Nowadays requirement of customers or clients are increased and it more important to meet the requirements of clients to raise your business. In India there are many manufacturers and suppliers are present in the market that are designing all types of research equipments.

The need of BOD Incubator is increasing day by day in the hospitals and laboratories because it provides required temperature for the growth of microorganisms. There are some tests which require low temperature and BOD incubator allow researchers to perform their test by offering them a required temperature. It is a very affordable machine that is created by using all the good quality materials so that it give accurate results. Mostly BOD incubator consists SS 304 think sheet inside the device with glass wool to maintain its thermal energy.
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