Now No More Living Off The Grid Is A Curse


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Have you heard a person losing his job due to no network connection? Yes, something like this happened in a rural area in Mexico. "I lost my employment since they couldn't call me to the state saying I'm hired," said Pedro, when talked about his homely condition. Pedro has a place in a remote town in Mexico. He as of late graduated from a college in the city. In the wake of taking an on-grounds meet with a firm, he left for home. To make a call or check his email, Pedro would occasionally go to the closest town, which was 5 hours away. On one such day, his email spoke to the more extensive effect of living off the grid.

For the vast majority of us, the world is a little place. The telecom wires, towers and signal bars on our cell phone keep us in touch in all circumstances, from any edge of our reality. Most of us we feel that the entire world is just a phone call away and we take a connected life for granted. We forget that some individuals and groups walk miles to make that one telephone call. These Rural Communities lack in the rural cellular network.

So, the question rises, why can't every one of these rural communities come in the same cellular network grid. Establishment of telecom framework requires huge ventures, and companies work on profitability. For the most part, the populace in these remote areas is too less to procure benefits against the company's venture. This leaves many groups spread in the hinterlands, without a line or GSM network.

It's not just about having the capacity to talk on the telephone. Rural connectivity enables and propels the development of the people and the place, through knowledge and resource sharing. Santiago is a tomato agriculturist in a Mexican town, and he brings about overwhelming misfortunes, regardless of the neighbourhood government's program of messaging alarms to ranchers. With poor to GSM organise, "we never get climate alarms on time," he laments. It is sad and uncalled for that gainfulness of few firms that characterises the destiny of these groups.

Be that as it may, for a few people like Isabel Cosme, the destiny lay in their exertion of joining will with advancement. "Zero cellular network fuelled my aim to work for my group's welfare," she stated, after effectively reviving the phones of her group. To overcome this issue, the best method is to install Omoco's network-in-a-box. It is best suited for rural communities.
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