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有知識不一定改變命運,但是沒有知識一定改變不瞭命運。 你一定看過下面這些話: 窮人窮是因為自己的貧困思維; 窮人往往格局有限,無法做成大事; 窮人考不上好大學,是因為不夠努力…… 在知乎上,甚至有人問:窮人生孩子是否道德? 不知道從哪天開始,人們開始指責窮人,覺得他們活該窮:你們不夠努力,思維有局限,你們要為自己的貧窮負責。 但事實真是如此嗎? 出生在貧寒人傢的孩子,真的沒有想過,要為自己的人生翻盤嗎? 那些出生在農村貧困傢庭的孩子,和城裡的孩子相比,到底缺少瞭什麼,才讓他們無法成為精英。 △ 為瞭回答這個問題,美國作傢芭芭 Read more

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Chantel St Claire Anti-Aging Serum reverses the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Finally, there is a topical solution that actually works to give you a youthful complexion! Using Chantel St Claire Rapid Wrinkle Control to get rid of aging signs only takes a few minutes each day. From the first application, it works to firm and lift skin for a suppler appearance.This formula imbues the skin with essential vitamins, rich antioxidants and hydrating moisturizers. This facial serum provides the vital nourishment skin needs to be healthy and look younger! Simply wash and dry your skin as you normally would before you apply a daily moisturizer. Then, cover your face and neck area with a thin layer of Chantel St. Claire Serum and gently massage it in. After a few minutes, it will fully absorb and begin revitalizing your skin.Chantel St Claire Rapid Wrinkle Control firms and lifts facial tissue. Thus, it is able to reduce the depth of wrinkles while filling in fine lines. Continued use will help you restore your skins collagen and hydration levels. This will help to plump your skin and give it a supple appearance. As you keep using Chantel St. Claire Serum, your skin will become smooth, soft and more vibrant. Chantel St. Claire Serum a try today, order now and get a free bottle! New customers are entitled to an exclusive promotion. This allows you to order a free Chantel St Claire Trial for just the cost of shipping and handling. Just apply click the image below to be taken to the official websites where your complimentary sample can be claimed. Then, just fill out the order form and you will be sent a free bottle. If you are ready to get radiant skin today, claim your Chantel St Claire Free Trial right now! If you want to achieve visibly younger looking skin, then use Chantel St Claire for 90 days to experience maximum results!
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