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Oil and gas fired boiler combution characteristics

Combustion characteristics of oil fired boiler:   The oil fuel is a kind of liquid fuel, its boiling point is always lower than the ignition, so the combustion of fuel is always in the gas phrase. Fuel oil become oil droplet after atomizing that spray into the furnace, and then it will be heated by high temperature flue gas in furnace to take gasification. Vaporizable oil mix up with around air to form a flame. Some heat from the burning pass onto oil droplet to make oil droplet gasification and combustion until burnt out. The smaller diameter of oil droplet, the faster burning. Similarly, the required oxygen of oil droplet combustion can be supplied in a timely manner, the oil droplet will be burnt faster also. So strengthen the oil burning must do the following: &n... Read more

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When purchasing a heart rate monitor, it is important to consider the price, the brand and the number of features. If you are not a serious health buff, you may just want to get the lower-end or middle priced heart rate monitor. For NutriO2 the more serious physical fitness enthusiasts, you can buy mid-level or high-end heart rate monitors. Advanced heart rate monitors are usually used by coaches and training athletes since more factors are being displayed here, and they usually have a host of other features available. If you would like to make the most out of your workout or physical fitness training, a heart rate monitor is the way to go so that even the most avid health and fitness buffs can take advantage of the benefits to be gained from exercising with a heart rate monitor.
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