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Pink says "symphony is largely about relationships." The conceptual age will reward multi-taskers who can connect the relationship dots between seemingly unrelated individuals and events. MLM leaders need to be able to apply their individual right-brained talents such as music and art into traditional left-brained business models in order to be successful.

Empathy is the ability to walk in someone else's "shoes." It is easy to say..."I know how you feel" and a completely different Millionaire's Brain Academy experience to truly feel and understand what someone is going through. As a successful MLM leader, empathy is in high demand. Successful leaders will impact their bottom line by truly understanding their customer and meeting their needs.

Play, is all about having fun! When you're having fun you will be more productive and when you are more productive you will be more financially successful. At the core of your MLM business, it needs to be fun and engaging. The MLM network needs to build a team around activities, challenges and incentives inside and outside the business.
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