The standards of ceramic fiber blanket


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In our life, the application of ceramic fiber blanket is very wide, so in order to let everyone use it better, we need to understand it in particular, we bring some quality standards knowledge to everyone.
1. The lining thickness of ceramic fiber blanket must meet the requirements.
2. The Al2O3 content is not less than 45%.
3. Ceramic fiber blanket should be carried out before the test row, the layer should be sticky solid, gap staggered.
4. After the completion of the product masonry, a surface finishing, uneven, to be flat with the pressure plate, the gap should be cut to cut the larger ceramic fiber tile trim, so that the surface flat tight.
5. Each time the protective layer must be carried out in two rounds to ensure that the ceramic fiber blanket protective layer thickness and thickness uniformity.
6. Should meet the GB3003 ~ 3008-82 standard requirements.
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