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How A Skin Tightening Procedure Will Take Years Of Your Look

article As we get older, we can begin to see the signs of agingas soon as we enter our mid-20s. From fine lines and wrinkles to nasal labial folds, our face and skin can begin to change dramatically, slightly altering and aging our appearance. Sagging skin is one of the most common signs of aging, due to several factors that include a loss of collagen which works to keep the skin tight and elastic. It can diminish our beauty and affect our confidence in both our personal and professional lives. Over time, our skin also spends more hours exposed to the sun, which can dry out the skin and allow it to lose its moisture -- ultimately causing wrinkles and sagging. The sun's rays also break down collagen in the skin, which is what maintains the elasticity and tightness of our skin. With less c... Read more

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