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The production process of Fireclay Brick

Fireclay brick mainly contains a few steps: 1. take soil. Brick takes soil from the surface of the ancient soil with two feet deep, the layer of soil color slightly deeper than the overburden, it formed in eighty thousand to about one hundred and twenty thousand years ago. At that time, the earth's climate warm and moist, rich biological role make this period of the soil soft and sticky, is good material to burn bricks. 2. Dig out of clay, in the process of going through about half a year of open air accumulation, let sun shine, snow and rain frozen erosion, make its internal decomposition loose, after manual crushing, sieving, leaving only fine pure soil. 3. Add water to moist pure water, then again and again to refined, or make the cow dint, make its become thick mud, h... Read more

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