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The reserve bank of India along with the national payments corporation of India (NPCI) has launched the unified payment interface app which has brought revolutionary changes in the payment methods. You can instantly pay to the restaurants, shops, cabs. The NPCI is an organization that takes care of all the retail payments that are made in India.
Using unified payment interface app the user with a bank account can create a virtual address which is known as the virtual payment address which is like the normal email. He can link multiple bank accounts with a single interface. He can also monitor the other bank accounts by downloading the singly UPI app. They need not download different app for different banks. The payments can be made effortlessly by using UPI on your smart phones. All you need is a smart phone and a data connection. The payments can be done 24* 7 with the UPI app which is an advanced version of the IMPS
The unified payment interface app can be used for transaction as low was 50 rs to a maximum limit of 1 lakh rs. The transaction charges are 0.50 paisa which is nominal. This app is really beneficial for the restaurants, food joints, retail shops they can get payments from the customer instantly and the customers need not carry their credit or debit cards. You don’t need to remember your bank account details or the passwords as you can carry out the transaction without them.
You don’t even have to share your bank account details with anyone as these details are very much confidential. You can send and receive payments throughout the years even on bank holidays and Sundays. The unified payment interface app is any day better than the wallets as there is deduction in lot of inconvenience which is caused due to the net banking. You can use the UPI app for making person to person transfers, direct bank transfers. The unified payment interface app is also convenient while paying rent, buying some valuables from the shops via bank transfer and so on.
There is two way authentication method used when the transaction are made using the Upi app. hence when you are sending money from your bank account using the unified payment interface app you will get a confirmation message whether to send money across or not. If you accept the request your transaction will take place within a few seconds. If in case you reject the request the transaction will stand cancelled. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the security and safety while transferring the money using the UPI app.
When you use the Unified Payment Interface app simply need to open the UPI app that is linked to your bank account, enter the payee’s ID, the amount to be transferred. Once you do this you will receive a confirmation message which will ask whether you want to proceed with the transaction or not. Once you confirm the transaction the amount will transferred instantly to the payee’s account. This way unified payment interface app has brought banking on the fingertips just like push and pulls technology.
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