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Secret wedding: Women lose their father and inheritance — to the lady next door

Jim Daniel's three daughters lost their father and inheritance to the lady next door. After Daniel's release from a hospital stay for dementia, his neighbour Colette Pypers married him in a wedding kept secret from his children. In Ontario, marriage revokes an existing will. The daughters eventually received $1,000 each, though they believe their father's estate was worth $200,000 or more. Daniel, who died the year after the wedding, was buried in a prepaid plot in London, Ont., beside his first wife, Lois, the mother of his girls. His daughters and the extended family were not invited to the funeral, nor were they mentioned in the obituary Pypers' family posted in the local newspaper. Read more: www.jadeprom.co.uk/vintage-wedding-dresses "The last year of Dad's l... Read more

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