The Joys and Benefits of Perfume


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Fragrances have the unique ability to instantly change a person's style or outfit with just a single spray. The addition of a scent can immediately make you sexier, more refined, more professional or just more in tune with the season or your surroundings. The possibilities truly are limitless and like the clothes you wear can be changed for any occasion. Like other elements of style it can also be difficult to first learn about and shop for. But once you understand the basic scents that work for your style and body as well as the type of weather you'll be stocking up a collection in no time.

At its most basic perfume is just various fragrant oils mixed together to create some type of scent. The scent has various notes in it that at certain times during the wearing of it will make themselves more or less pronounced. In a way the scent goes through a life cycle. What may start as a woodsy fall smell can turn into a more refined, softer summer scent without you having to do anything but continue wearing it throughout the day. This is what makes fragrances so fun. You can coordinate for any situation and are never stuck with the same boring type you've been using.

Over the years I have found that when buying fragrances one tends to start developing a certain small type that they like more than any other. I, personally am a fan of citrus-smelling summer scents. Even in wintertime I prefer these cleaner, more potent scents over the wood or patchouli that dominates cold-weather fragrance. While this is not for everyone it is one of the joys of fragrance. You can find an array of lines that suit your personal likes while avoiding those that don't necessarily flatter your style. Experiment at first to find what smells best on you. Some may find that their natural body odors go better or worse with certain types of scents. As you narrow down the best options it will become easier to build your collection and by extension pair your fragrances with different outfits and weather conditions.

Buying and enjoying perfume brings the same joys and unlimited possibilities as buying shoes. There is a style, price range, designer and fit for every person. It may be overwhelming at first to understand which suits you and where to find the best types. But with a small bit of research and some trial and error you'll be well on your way to smelling better, feeling better about yourself and adding a new layer to your fashion and style.
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