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The first point to make clear is there is no short cut to success, you have to put in some effort. Sounds obvious? It is but most traders fail to do this and simply trust one of the numerous cheap Forex robots sold online and they lose. These systems claim, they can make you a huge income with no effort but if they could do this the majority of traders would not lose their money - Don't fall for these get rich quick systems, you need to educate yourself.

The good news is if you follow the tips below you can learn Forex trading in just a few weeks and then, you can make a lucrative income in your spare time and devote just 30 minutes a day to trading. Forex Easy Income When deciding the best way to trade Forex, you should use technical analysis. The reason using Forex charts is the best way to trade is it's easy to learn and takes very little time, you don't need to look at news and you don't need to know anything about the economy, you just look at charts and trade high odds chart set ups.
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