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A fibroblasts to tribal that do not lower their

A fibroblasts to tribal that do not lower their production. A treatment recommended after 25 years. It is injected into the epidermis and superficial layer of the skin a multivitamin cocktail enriched with other stimulants and nutritional compounds. They are commonly used vitamins A, B, E, C (stimulate cell function) midogenĀ  with hyaluronic acid and amino acids (stimulate the production of proteins and elastin), minerals, coenzymes and antioxidants solutions that reduce free radicals (ascorbic acid and glutathione ) and regenerating (organ silicon). The key to a perfect result is to apply the appropriate dose as required, keep a secret that doctors, so it is important to see a good professional. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and is usually performed on the face and neck: sk... Read more

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