Lay Betting - What Is It All About?


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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Etiquette Guide for 2016

Given the hot, swampy summers we have here in the South, "June" doesn't really hold true as the busy wedding season for us. Fall weddings are popular here and the busy season lasts well into January and February, when the more financially conscious brides and grooms snag the best deals. Really, weddings happen all year long why I'm popping in, post-holiday to give you a wedding gift etiquette guide to last you the entirety of 2016. As a personal finance blogger, I get a lot of questions about financial gifting. Below are just a handful of the questions I've received over the years, so I thought I'd aggregate them all and turn it into a no-nonsense guide. What Is the Minimum Amount to Gift? If you're looking for a hard-and-fast guideline the old rule of "Gift what it cost for y... Read more

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Steady Steve OLay betting is now available to the ordinary punter thanks to the emergence of betting exchanges. In this article we are going to take a look at three aspects this method of betting. First of all, we will define lay betting. Next we will have a look at the main betting exchanges. Finally we will check out how easy it is to make a profit using lay bets.

So what is lay betting? When you place a bet with a traditional bookmaker, you are predicting that a certain event will happen, and you are backing up that prediction with hard cash. For instance, if you think that Manchester United will win an up-coming football match against Wigan Athletic, you would back Manchester United. This is a traditional bet.
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