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There are various types of drugs available which can be used to suppress hunger, concentrate, suppressing fear, improving reflexes, memory recall, increasing wakefulness, etc. Among all these disorders promoting wakefulness is important because staying awake is the toughest part.

Many people have either tea or coffee to stay awaken while working. But the tea or coffee make you feel fresh for some time because of the sugar and other factors due to which you can stay awaken. Over consumption of tea or coffee may cause insomnia, headache, nervousness and the person may also feel restless. To avoid the intake of tea and coffee one can have Modafinil pill to stay awaken. This pill is taken widely all across the world.
Modafinil is one of the best drugs which helps to promote wakefulness. This drug is helpful to treat various disorders related to sleep.

Some disorders related to sleep are as follows:
• Narcolepsy
• Shift work disorder
• Excessive daytime sleepiness etc.

Many people are lazy and feel sleepy for a whole day. Some people are worried about their excessive sleep. But it’s time to forget sleep by having this modafinil pill. In some countries, the use of modafinil pill is prohibited. This pill is very useful to avoid the sleep but this pill also helps to provoke wakefulness. Many times a person may also suffer narcolepsy and to treat it modafinil pill is used. This drug is restricted for availability and dosage too. In some countries, this drug is sold under the different brand-names.

People suffering from sleep disorder may have another drug too but research proved that modafinil is one of the best pills to promote wakefulness. This pill is widely used mainly in two field military and astronauts. This pill is also used to manage the mental or physical exhaustion. Sometimes this modafinil pill is also used by the air force commanders also. Modafinil pill is also included in contingency planning as well.

This pill is also widely used in fatigue management. As it promotes wakefulness one can easily feel more focused and will be able to concentrate without feeling tired. Except sleeping this pill make you feel more energetic and make you work too long.

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is widely used by the astronauts to stay awaken for the longer period of time. As an astronauts’ has to stay awaken because of their job profile. They prefer this drug mostly when they are supposed to go for long term missions.

People may suffer various side effects who consume this pills, the most common side effect of this pill is a headache. Other may suffer from different side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems etc. One should prefer doctor before having this pill as some people may have the adverse effect on their body.
It might happen that other than above-mentioned side effects a person may have allergy and hypersensitivity. Research also proved that modafinil with some other medication also helps to treat cocaine addiction, depersonalization disorder etc.
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