Installation details of DASWELL HZS75 concrete batching plant


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About installing concrete mixing plant, users do not care about the details and the attitude is not right. Detail decides success or failure is suitable for all walks of life. In this article mobile concrete mixer, we will introduce the matters needing attention when installing HZS75 concrete batching plant for users.

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Check all the installation devices and tools before installing and check whether they are complete and whether there is security risk; pay attention to safety when installing concrete twin shaft mixer, every staff needs to take security tools and guarantee there is no person around every device of HZS75 concrete batching plant, especially under the machine. Make sure there is professional operator to operate when hoisting; install the concrete mixing plant after confirm above points; check the installation size and adjust the error randomly; when installing the batching plant, make sure the connection parts are firm and check them carefully; paint sealing object on the connection surface; ensure the safety of the sensor when installing weighing hopper; check the gas cap and valve before installing and make sure there is no leakage of each rubber pipeline joint; try to avoid collision of each device of concrete batch plant when installing and make sure bolt welding place firmly.
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