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At present, laser welding diamond saw blade process there are still some problems, we need to conduct further research, to carry out special laser welding diamond saw carcass or transition layer material formula research, to carry out new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powder research, The research on the mechanism of laser welding of diamond saw blades, especially the research of temperature field, flow field, mass field and stress field of laser welding diamond saw blade and the on-line quality monitoring technology of 50000mw laser pointer welding diamond saw blade process are carried out. In fact, only a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of laser welding diamond saw blade, it may be developed accordingly the new online quality monitoring technology; only master the theory of pre-alloy powder, it is possible to develop a new ultra-fine or nano-alloy powder and Better use of new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powder to develop a dedicated diamond saw blade.

Laser processing equipment demand continues to expand, the advantages of the platform to help Han's laser technology to fully benefit from laser technology has become an important means of advanced manufacturing technology and upgrading of traditional industries. Panel industry competition pattern is undergoing profound changes, the domestic panel manufacturers are playing a decisive role in the entire panel industry, the future of domestic production line panels using domestic 8000mw laser pointer equipment is the trend. Dazu laser with a full set of panel production line of laser equipment supply capacity, the domestic OLED production line panel production line and its related products is expected to be applied to the LCD laser equipment upgrades and subsequent batches of investment and construction, in order to become an important thrust of future performance of the company.

Typically, automotive laser welding is mainly used for suspension structures, such as the door and the back cover and white body welded together. Cadillac CT6 aluminum alloy roof and body connection and the trunk cover assembly connection is the use of laser welding process. The connection between the aluminum plates is achieved by the 5mw green laser melting aluminum material. One of the aluminum lid welding of the back cover is not required to be polished and other processing to carry out the subsequent painting operation, which shows the smoothness of the weld surface. And the ceiling and the aluminum alloy weld between the body without grinding, only in the coating before applying a layer of glue and scraping to ensure the quality of follow-up paint finish. In addition, the OEMs have recently begun to use laser welding internal components, such as aluminum alloy filter and steering wheel, as well as electric vehicle battery aluminum alloy shell, copper pole and so on.

With the fiber laser and fiber laser cutting machine prices continue to decline and performance continues to improve, fiber lasers have become the basic choice for metal sheet metal cutting. Medium power fiber laser, the average power of less than 1200 watts. The vast majority of medium power fiber laser products are single-mode fiber lasers, and the output QBH cable is between 15 and 50 microns. High-power fiber lasers, the average power of 1200 watts or more, and some manufacturers even introduced 12000 watts of high-power fiber lasers. Due to the single-module output power limitations, the vast majority of high-power fiber 3500mw laser pointer products are multi-mode fiber lasers, coupled by multiple single-mode fiber lasers to a high power laser beam splitter to the QBH output. The output QBH cable core is typically between 50 and 200 microns.

Fiber laser development so far, high anti-material processing has been limited to the application of fiber lasers a major pain point. Especially gold and silver copper and other metal materials, low absorption rate, laser processing will produce a lot of reflected light. These reflected light, or cause fiber laser protection to shut down to cause waste, or directly damage the fiber laser. QCW fiber laser due to its 5-10 times the peak power of traditional continuous lasers, you can instantly ionize the high anti-material, increase the absorption rate, reduce the reflection, with some high-reflective material processing. However, QCW fiber lasers only 1 / 10-1 / 5 of the average power of conventional CW fiber lasers, resulting in slow processing speed and expensive lasers. And the current QCW fiber laser on the ultra-high reflectivity of sterling silver can not guarantee a high yield.

Free electron red laser pointer is known as the fourth generation of light source, can provide from far infrared to X-ray band of high-intensity coherent radiation, in physics, chemistry, materials science, life sciences and other fields with unprecedented revolutionary value. The traditional free electron laser based on the RF accelerator to produce high-energy electron beam, and then use the periodic arrangement of the magnet composed of the wave device to tweak and modulation of the electron beam, and finally radiation of high-intensity coherent radiation. Either the RF electron accelerator or the electronic amplifiers made of periodic magnets are bulky and expensive. The development of miniaturized, low-cost, new generation of free-electron lasers, including desktop electronic accelerators and ripples, is a major goal ever pursued by the scientific community.
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