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Nicoise salad with smoked salmon

article Ingredients: Smoked Salomon - 200 grams Black Olives - 200 grams Preferably fresh green beans - 150 grams Red onion - 1 piece Fresh or frozen broad beans - 150 grams French vinaigrette salad dressing Small potatoes - 300 grams Eggs - 4 pieces Tomatoes - 4 pieces French mustard - 50 grams White chicory - 2 pieces Salt Cook the potatoes in the skin, in salted boiling water, until tender. Leave to cool. Clean fresh green beans, cook in salted water, cool in cold water and set aside. Do the same with the broad beans and peel them. Cook hard-boiled eggs. Quarter previously peeled tomato. Prepare salad dressing according to your favourite recipe. Add french mustard and stir again. ... Read more

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