Moving From Analogue To Digital Hearing Aids


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Navajo Hearing System My husband, who has been working for a sheet metal factory for the past two decades has developed a special kind of hearing problem called tinnitus. This is caused due to harsh conditions of the factory coupled with the absence of heating or air conditioning facilities in the plant. The bigger problem is noise. Tinnitus is common among most people spending major part of their day in a factory. I now worry I can never find an effective tinnitus treatment.

I am pretty confused about the effect of tinnitus. My husband can hear things, but the problem is he hears too much. What he hears is a constant ringing sound and many other humming sounds. This background music makes it difficult for him to actually listen to what is said to him. He doesn't hear me, if I call him from back.

I was very much perplexed one night to see him disturbed when I switched off the TV in our bedroom. He wanted the TV to be turned on to neutralize the loud humming sounds he was hearing. It was so painful to see he needed a good amount of noise just to fall asleep. This incident prompted me to immediately find a treatment for tinnitus.

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