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Some of the highest energy experiments in the world are performed using large banks of charged capacitors to produce intense discharges.A capacitor is made of two conductors separated by an insulator. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. Electricity Freedom System As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors and a reservoir of electrical energy forms. As the charge on the capacitor increases, the electric field between the conductors increases, placing a growing stress on the insulator. At some critical point, the insulator breaks down and the capacitor "short circuits," releasing the stored electrical energy. Such breakdowns may destroy the capacitor.

However, if the charging rate is slow the damage may repair itself as fresh insulating material (for example, air) rushes in. If the current is strong or the insulator weak, current will pass between the conducting plates, either steadily or in bursts.Many natural systems on Earth form capacitors as well. For example, the Earth's surface and its ionosphere are two conducting layers which are separated by air - hence this system acts as a capacitor. A bolt of lightning is an electrical discharge within this system.Capacitors in the Subtle Body According to plasma metaphysics, the same phenomenon that occurs in space and on Earth can occur within our subtle bodies.

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